Big Data, Big Questions. UEA Guest Lecture Series

Event | Data Culture: Why we should all embrace it
24 September, 2015
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2 October, 2015
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Big Data, Big Questions. UEA Guest Lecture Series

Big Data, Big Questions. UEA special guest lectures

This autumn we will convene a public lecture series at UEA, ‘Big Data, Big Questions’, giving a local audience the opportunity to hear leading national and international experts discuss the major issues concerning big data. It will bring together expert practitioners, academic researchers, and stakeholders from government, business and users, to share their experiences, insights and ideas with students, and with the general public, as well as with each other.

Big Data is a phenomenon with big implications. A new public lecture series at UEA explores the potential benefits associated and asks: what is big data, who collects it,  is it safe, and can it make life better?

21 October, 6pm
Approaches to big data: Climate change, healthcare and privacy
A panel event chaired by the Rt Hon Charles Clarke. With: Professor Phil Jones, Climatic Research Unit, UEA; Professor Ruth Hancock, Norwich Medical School, UEA; and Dr Paul Bernal, UEA Law School.

4 November, 6pm
Digital data and the public services in the smart city
Keynote lecture with Tom Baker, BT Global Services

12 November 6pm
Regulating big data: The view from Brussels
Keynote lecture with Giuseppe Abbamonte, European Commission

18 November, 6pm
Government, big data and policy
Keynote lecture with Helen Margetts, Professor of Society and the Internet, University of Oxford

The lectures will normally take place in the Thomas Paine Study Centre at UEA. The format is a 50-minute presentation, followed by 20-30 minutes of Q&A. Where the speaker agrees, a video recording will be made of the presentation and made available on the series website. The Rt Hon Charles Clarke, a Visiting Professor at UEA, will host and chair the event.

This first series is convened by Professor Ruth Hancock, Norwich Medical School, and Professor Hussein Kassim, School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication.